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Beam Me Up Scotty was started up in April 1992 for collectors of  Autographs and Memorabilia in the Channel Islands. We started then in a very small shop, during the years we out grew the premises due to the popularity of the merchandise that we stock. We try and give a balanced selection of merchandise to appeal to different collectors, as we live on an island we do get a lot of tourists purchasing our merchandise, and the common statement that we hear from all these customers is that we have nothing like this shop at all where we live in the UK.

So with this in mind we have now started to sell over the internet with this web page, we have tried to make it easy for you to remember us thats why our specialist domain names go straight to Our shop policy is quite simple the customer is always right, if you ever have a problem with any of our merchandise that you have purchased from us then please ring the boss and ask for Scott your problem will be no more. All merchandise ordered will be sent off within 24 hours of payment received, thats our promise to you


Please note that we have over 30 years experience of buying and selling memorabillia all our autographs that we sell are signed in person either in front of us or U.A.C.C. dealers that we buy from,this is not a part time business or hobby this is a full time business and our livelyhood so please rest assured that to our knowledge all our Autographs that we sell over the Net or in our Shop are genuine and we even go so far as to print the details of the date and where the item was signed as we have nothing to hide unlike some dealers that wont or cant give you this information. We are members of the U.A.C.C. and we do give Certificates of Authenticity on each Autograph that we sell,.please come and browse around our showroom at Mill Street.We are often asked by customers why our autographs are so reasonably priced the answer is quite simple,all specialist framing and mounting we have negotiated a price with our local framers so what they charge us, we charge you the same price,as a lot of our autographs are signed in front of us at conventions by the stars we usually have about 10 to 20 signed and if there is on average 10 stars then we can negotiate a price so we pass this on to you our customers,thats why we sell so many autographs.We have found that keeping our prices keen will not entail our merchandise getting dusty.

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